Why RP800A Is The Best 3D Printing Pen Among All Others From the 4th Generation?

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3d printing pen is still considered a new thing since it only came into our lives in 2012. However, being the first 3d printing pen manufacturer from China, with great vision and a capable R&D power, we’ve brought it to the 5th generation.

RP800A is the model we launched back in Nov. 2015. Almost a year after, our competitors are launching 3d printing pens which claims to be the 4th generation 3d printing pen. But RP800A is still the strongest and best. I’ll explain why.

1, RP800A uses better motor set designed and optimized by us. And they are specifically used for the model RP800A.
However, some of our competitors are using old motors or defective motors that are abandoned by us.

What are the benefits of a better motor?

a) First of all, a better motor means longer life. Our motors have passed an aging test of more than 48hours. That means, working for a continuous 48hours, our pen still has a stable performance.
At the same time, we’ve tested some models from our competitors, problems occur when working for a continuous 4hours.

b) A better motor means stable performance. Stable performance of the pen means no slippery of the gears when loading the filaments. Our redesigned motor for RP800A kills slippery.

c) A better motor means wide speed range. RP800A enables you to print at 100-120mm or 1mm since it’s stepless speed control. However, 3d printing pens from our competitors prints at only half the speed. Think of all the time and patience they will consume you.

d) A better motor means less noise. We understand arts requires peaceful state of the mind and quite environment. This holds true especially for kids. Do a little test, and you’ll find out why we are better.

e) A better motor means less waiting time. A heating and loading time of 22s is considered long for us and we’ve been trying to reduce it. However, a heating and loading time of double or even triple of that is unacceptable.

2, We use high-end OLED screen.


a) The information can be displayed on an OLED screen is much more than that of a LCD screen. So, with RP800A, you can have your company information displayed, actual temperature and the target temperature to indicate the status, material at the same time. But with a LCD screen, only one or two items of the above will be displayed.

b) It’s about class. Think of how happy your customers are when they pay for the same amount but get a more classy products.

3, We optimized the program.

Check the following features.

a) double click feature. Double click to load and unload automatically.
b) click the temperature plus and filament unloading button at the same time to switch between PLA and ABS.

4, It’s about the promise.

We offer 1-year-warranty for all of our products that go out our factory. If any problems found during this warranty period, you can return it or ask for a free replacement.

5, Business is about continuous profitable products.

To keep your customers interested, we are researching and developing new models and launch at least two new models each year. For this year, we have launched the world’s firt chocolate 3d printing pen and world’s smallest metal case 3d pen. We are going to launch a lot more models the following year.

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  1. Gavin says : 回复

    Does it have a unclogging system to prevent the filament from clogging up inside the pen