Why our 3D Pens Sell The Best | Wholesale 3D Pen

by / 星期五, 21 6月 2019 / Published in School

To make one product sell, combined efforts by the manufacturer and the seller are a must. That is, the manufacturer must deliver the right products with the most brilliant quality, the seller must know how to market and pitch the product to the consumers.

In this post, we are going to explain in simple details why our 3D pens sell better than all others from the manufacturer’s perspective.

1, We go extra length to perfect everything.

Back in 2012, when 3D pens were still a new thing to the world, unlike the others, we didn’t source the materials from the market, instead, we design and produce the key parts ourselves. When our rivals at the same period of time use the simple motor that the sharing bikes use which has a very short life and unsatisfying performance, we noticed the problem and decided to create a better motor specifically for 3D pens. And we finally succeeded after multiple times of failure. And then our products stand out from all others.
Takeaway: if you’re looking for wholesale 3d pen opportunities, do ask them about what their key technology is.

2, We offer more options.

Retail today is not simple buying and selling. It’s about selling unique things that your consumers love. This holds true even more when you’re selling to your fans. Making a product that translates your brand, tells who you’re is key to foster and maintain brand awareness.

That’s why we allow brands to collaborate with us in more ways as follow:
A, buy everything standard. We offer standard packages which has neutral packaging, no brand info, no manufacturer info.
B, OEM. We allow our clients to create their own packages, put their logos on the pen. And we do this for free based on a certain quantity.
C, ODM. We help our clietns create 3D pens of their own. Once they tell us what they need and how they would love their 3D pens be, we will take care of the rest.

3, we support clients even if they purchase small quantities.

We understand that business needs growing journey. To reduce the risk, some of our clients would prefer starting with small quantities.

Besides the above services and promises we deliver, we also offer great after sales service, all your questions will be answered within a 8 business hour window. We offer free replacements or free repairment services.

If you’re looking for opportinities to sell 3D pens, or if you have had bad experience with other 3D pen suppliers, please get in contact with us. We’ll do good things.