Why Aging Test is Important And How to Do That

by / 星期四, 27 10月 2016 / Published in School

Aging tests are the most basic tests that will tell you if a 3d printing pen is good. They are widely used in our factory to test all units included in the pen.

Why it is important?

Well, every machine is designed to perform tasks for a continuous amount of time, or to maintain the same functions and capabilities of performing the functions within a certain amount of time. And aging test is the method that the manufacturer or the creator use to test how the machine performs within a certain time frame by creating the environment that the machine’s gonna be in when in real use. Without the aging test, a manufacturer cannot promise product warranty and the product cannot go into the market.

What does it look like?

Well, in 3d printing pen factory, an aging test looks like as follow:

3d printing pen aging test

3d printing pen aging test

For our 3d pens, just double click the filament loading button and let it work automatically for a certain time frame. But for 3d pens from other factories, you might need a pin to keep pressing the filament loading button so that it can work continuously.

Note: Our 3d printing pens have been aging tested for over 48hours and every part of the pen still performs well.

How to tell the results?

Well, in 3d printing pen aging test, the results are easy to tell. Since the main possible defects are clogging, short motor life and defective gears.

For bad 3d printing pens, the possible problems to happen in an aging test are:

1) motor stops. This is because the motor used with them are defective ones or designed to last shorter than the aging test time frame.
2) stops loading. This mainly caused by a broken motor, a broken heating unit or a broken gear.
3) incontinuous loading. This is caused because the gear is defective.
4) stops heating. Heating unit is broken or the power supply is cut off.
5) excessive amount of noise. This is because the motor is defective.

If you want to invest in 3d printing pen business, and you’re not sure which one to choose, just do an aging test. It will tell you all.