3D Printing Pen For Education in School

  • Effective. We believe 3D printing classes should be effective. Easy to understand. And that's what our 3D printing pens are good at.
  • Fun. We believe 3D printing classes should be fun. Especially when it comes to 3D printing education in middle schools and elementary schools. Being fun means students don't lose patience before they got the knowledge.
  • Easy. Our 3D printing pens offers children an easy path to learn how 3D printing works.
  • Engaging. Our 3D printer pens provide a hands-on experience for all students in a class. It's not about just standing there and watch the machine to finish the job it's about getting students to finish the job.
Draw a rose with our 3D printing pen. RP900A

Our 3D printing pens are simplified handheld 3d printers that children can use to learn how 3D printing works

It's fun!

Instead of drawing on paper, our 3D pens allow children to draw real objects and/or structures in the air, without the complicated 3D drawings!

It's Educational!

Our 3D pens help children understand how 3D printing works. They also learn spacial thinking while creating objects.

It's Easy

Being easy to use means children don't lose patience before they got the fun, the logic that comes while using our 3D pens.

It's Collaborative

When in class, teachers ask students to form groups to complete a certain project with collaborative efforts.

Why no 3D printers?

It's too complicated.

Creating 3D drawing is a task that not too many people are able to do. Let alone that there are some parameters users need to adjust.

It's non-engaging

Keeping students engaged in the process is the way to keep them focused and interested while learning. However, 3D printer is non-engaging.

It's not a hands-on experience

Unless you have a 3D printer for each one of the students in your classroom, some of the students can't have a hands-on experience with it.

It's not collaborative

When you have the whole class using the same 3D printer, it's not a collaborative experience for all.

3D printing pen in classes and schools

If you're a student, teacher from the United States, South Korea and some regions in the European Union, you might have seen our 3D printing pens in the classes and schools around you.

Ever since our foundation in 2012, bringing 3D printing to more students, bringing fun to 3D printing pen classes have been two of our main purposes. Our 3D printing pens are designed for students to learn the basic ideas of 3D printing in an easy way.

With these goals in mind, we worked hard and successfully made 3D printing pen classes available in tens of thousands of schools in South Korea, Hongkong, United States. And we will make our 3D printing pen classes available in more schools.

Ready to bring 3D printing pens to your classes and schools?

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