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Jer Education Technology Co., Ltd–the 1st and biggest 3D pen factory in China. 


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Jer Education Technology Co., Limited is a company based in Guangzhou, China. Started in 2012, we started the R&D of 3D printing pens and launched the first 3D printing pen in the next year making us the 1st 3D pen factory in the world.

Over the years, we have collaborated with lots of well-recognised brands and retailers in the world including Lidl, MediaMarkt, Disney, Polaroid and many others. Except that, our 3D pens are selling exceptionally well on Amazon and in schools. We’ve seen a year on year growth of 100% for 6 consecutive years.



  • Profession. We do everything with profession to ensure better quality and safty-to-use products.
  • Care. We care our customers and take care of the problems quickly.
  • Responsibility.We meant every word we say, keep our promises.
  • Innovation. We are constantly creating new products with R&D team.

Innovation and quality are the keys to great products. Services and profession are the keys to successful business.

Justin Hu - Company CEO

Multi-color 3D pen

in the year of 2018, we launched the world's first and only multi-color 3D pen which allow the users to switch and mix colors instantly and freely.

The smallest 3D pen

We launched the world's smallest 3D pen, RP900A.

New New New!

We are about to launch two new models which will be the very 1st in their fields. They are innovative, creative. Be sure to check out.

4th generation 3d printing pens

In 2015, we launched the 4th generation 3d printing pen with two models that have revolutional design, easier and more convenient shortcuts.

2nd and 3rd generation

In 2014, we launched the 2nd and 3rd generation 3d printing pens.

The 1st 3d printing pen.

In 2013, we created the 1st generation 3d printing pen with great success.

3d printing pen R&D

In 2012, we started our R&D of 3d printing pens.

Educational equipments

In 2001, we started our business at Guangzhou, and entered the international market with language labs, chemical lab equipments etc.



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Working with us is simple and straight forward. All you need do is talk to us and send us your requirements, we will take care of the rest.

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After we got your requirements, we proceed to production and inspection.

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Orders will be delivered after tests. We have partnered with major shipping companies in the world to provide you fast delivery service.

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