MP01-the world’s 1st and only multi-filament 3d printing pen

MP01 is the world’s 1st and only 3d printing pen

RP800A–the world’s 1st 3d printing pen that can be powered by power banks

RP800A is the world’s 1st 3d printing pen that ca

RP700A–3D printing pen

RP700A’s launched and made by Jer Education.

RP500A–the lowest-priced 3d printing pen

RP500A is the world’s lowest-priced 3d printing p

RP900A–the world’s smallest 3d printing pen

RP900A was launched by Jer Education in 2017 and it&#82


The World’s 1st Multi-color 3D Pen in Real Sense! Get it at the CES Show

The world’s 1st multi-color 3d printing pen to be launched at the CES show.

We at the IFA Show

Jer education has attended the IFA show held at Berlin

3d printing exhibition at indonesia

Tradeshow At Indonesia

Our partners from Indonesia took our pen and showcased

Summer Camp At Hongkong University of Science and Technology

Our client at Hongkong, 3djollyfab, was the host of the



Well, this penguin is also easy to create. Three simple



The butterfly is considerably easier to create. With a

How to replace RP600A nozzle

This is video demonstrating how to replace the nozzle f