RP800A 3d printing pen Unboxing

In this video, we did an unboxing for our RP800A 3d printing pen, enjoy. Items included in the standard RP800A package: 1 3d printing pen, 1 manual, 1 power adaptor,

3d printing pen tutorial for beginners[with templates]

This is a video tutorial shot by Timothy and Curissa. In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to create objects for beginners. Templates are required. If you need more templates, you can google 3d printing pen templates and look for pictures. Takeaways: 1, automatically feeding, 2, automatically unloading, 3, changing filaments, In the meantime, you can

fun castle

Play Castle

This castle was created by our product testing manager/QC manager while testing the pen. He tried to create a castle that he took his kids to two weeks ago. Enjoy. So, this is how it looks like when you are an amateur and don’t have a template with you.