Recently we’ve seen a growing number of our clients asking us about the differences between RP800A and RP900A. We’ve also seen a growing number of searches for RP800A vs RP900A. So, we’d like to give you a thorough comparison between these two 3D pen models. And hope this post would help you with your decision-making.

To make one product sell, combined efforts by the manufacturer and the seller are a must. That is, the manufacturer must deliver the right products with the most brilliant quality, the seller must know how to market and pitch the product to the consumers. In this post, we are going to explain in simple details

Aging tests are the most basic tests that will tell you if a 3d printing pen is good. They are widely used in our factory to test all units included in the pen. Why it is important? Well, every machine is designed to perform tasks for a continuous amount of time, or to maintain the

3d printing pen is still considered a new thing since it only came into our lives in 2012. However, being the first 3d printing pen manufacturer from China, with great vision and a capable R&D power, we’ve brought it to the 5th generation. RP800A is the model we launched back in Nov. 2015. Almost a

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