Frequently Asked Questions

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3d printing pens are such that can be held in the user's hand to create objects in the air. Since the INK[or in other words, the filaments] gets solid in the air in less than 3 second, the users can draw something solid in the air instead of creating objects on the paper.

Started in 2012, our R&D team made great efforts into the innovation of 3d printing pens. In order to make it simpler and easier for users to use, we have some very convenient functions and shortcuts built with our pens.
These features include the following:1, double click functions, with this function, users can double click buttons to load and unload the filaments automatically.
2, 1 click to change temperature to fit for different filaments. With this feature, you don't need to change temperature one degree by one degree if you need to switch filaments from PLA to ABS or the other way around.
3, ceramic nozzles. We are the 1st 3d printing pen manufacturer to use the ceramic nozzles with the pen. With a ceramic nozzle, temperatures at the tip of the pen is dropped to a safe range.

Both our factory and office are based in Guangzhou. Currently we don't have offices or branches in other regions.

Our brand name is Jer. However, we also do OEM for clients. If you need OEM services, just talk to us, send us the design and requirements and we will take care of the rest.


You can get in contact with us through the contact us page here.

Great! We welcome all sorts of collaboration. If you are interested, we could create a brand together with joint efforts.

Press Related

Thank you for your interest in our products. You can get in contact with us through the contact us page here.

Great! If you have a youtube channel, facebook page or blog, we will send you a product for you to review. Rules for product reviews

The reviewers' online audiences are in compliance with our target customers

The reviewer's online audiences have reached or are over the following amounts:
Facebook: 200,000 fans
youtube channel: 20,000 subscribers
blog: alexa rank above 150,000

We are specifically looking for gadget reviewers, electronics reviewers, crafts and toys reviewers.

When in use

It's highly recommended not to leave the filaments in there after using the pen. Filaments get moisturized in the air and may cause a lot of problems.

You can start the pen by clicking the filament loading button for once.

With RP600A, there are lights to indicate the status of the pen, when the light stopped flashing, it's ready.

For rp600a, users need to remove the black cover on the pen and then use a small plastic screwdriver to change the temperature.

Yes, our pen is optimized for both PLA and ABS filaments. If you need to use PLA, please change the temperature to around 190 degree centigrade. For RP700A and RP800A, you can do this by simply clicking the filament unloading button and temperature plus button at the same time for once.

There are several possible reasons for that:
1, Please make sure that you're using a power supply of 5V/2A or above. Or simply plug it in the power socket.
2, Don't forget to press the filament loading button to start heating.
Please note that it is not advised to open the nozzle and repair the heating unit by the user. If the pen won't heat up after you follow the above procedures, please turn to the seller or the shop where you get the pens for help.

Filaments/Plastic Related

Yes, actually, 1.75mm filaments is the most common in the market, and our pen works the best with 1.75mm. Bigger than that won't be able to load.